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W.4 Turbo Upgrade M178 (Weistec)

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The Weistec Engineering M177 / M178 W.4 Turbo Upgrade is the key to making the most power with the M177 and M178 engines without compromise in drivability or reliability.

The turbo upgrade, as with all W.4 Upgrades, is a comprehensive turbo upgrade that completely replaces the factory turbocharges.  The new turbochargers are ball bearing units with CNC machined billet aluminum compressor wheels rated much higher than the stock units.  The Weistec compressor covers provide mounting for the OEM wastegate actuators and is compatible with the stock charge piping.  A 3 inch anti-surge inlet is standard to provide unrestricted flow to the compressor.

The Weistec Turbine Housings have V-Band inlets, to allow for a cleaner and easier install, and turbine outlets that not only match the factory location, also have the same flange design to use the same Weistec Downpipes and Midpipes as the stock turbos.

Key Features:

  • Twin Ball Bearing Turbochargers

  • Weistec M177/M178 Compressor Covers

  • Weistec Cast Stainless Steel  M177/M178 Turbine Housings

  • Custom Turbo Coolant Lines and Fittings

  • Custom Turbo Oil Lines and Fittings

  • Weistec Turbo Intake Couplers

  • Bolt on installation

  • All hardware and gaskets are included

  • 900+HP Capable with supporting upgrades

  • Designed to use Stock or Weistec Downpipes

  • Compatible with Factory Downpipes

  • Reuses Stock Wastegate Actuators 

  • No Core Charge