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As part of our Motorsport Series, we partnered with only the best to give you a bolt-on solution that works. Our Motorsport V1 Cooling System is designed and developed to decrease intake air temperatures and more consistent horsepower for your M177 LS1 Powered AMG.

Our Motorsport Cooling System is unlike any other cooling system in the market. No shortcuts were taken by our engineers when developing this system and the proven results truly show.

One of the main concerns with your M177 equipped AMG is maintaining cool intake temperatures. The factory design of the cooling system interconnects the cooling system for the intercoolers and the cooling system of the transmission. As transmission temperatures start to increase, so do your intake air temperatures. Intake air temperatures never reach ambient temperatures due to the factory routing however we have a solution to this problem.

Utilizing a PWR F1 42mm Thick Core provides 200+% cooling capacity compared to your stock radiator. This is the only cooler in the market for your M177 Powered AMG that comes standard with billet aluminum end tanks and a perfect fit.

A separate and dedicated cooling circuit is added to cool the transmission. This system features a high density PWR transmission cooler with billet end tanks, billet aluminum thermostat adapter brackets, and all hardware and hoses to make the installation seamless.

All of our radiators are aerospace quality and TIG welded for precise quality. These units are pressure checked to ensure higher than OEM standards.

System Includes:

  • One 42mm Thick PWR F1 Main Heat Exchanger
  • One 27mm Thick PWR Auxiliary Transmission Cooler
  • Precision TIG Welded Billet Aluminum End Tanks
  • PTG Auxiliary Transmission Cooler Brackets
  • Brown & Miller Fluid Transfer Hoses
  • Fittings and Hardware for Easy Installation