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Low Pressure Fuel Lines Option
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The engineers at Premier Tuning Group have been hard at work to provide the best fuel pump solution for the M177 engine platform. In an exclusive long term partnership with Stanadyne, an OEM manufacturer of high performing fuel pumps, both PTG and Stanadyne have developed a Mercedes-AMG specific fuel pump with bolt on in minutes and outperform the competition. 

We have dove deep into the design of this pump system and created the perfect pump for AMG owners. Completely new internal plungers, shafts, springs, mounts, and high pressure lines have been developed from the ground up to allow these engines to produce upwards of 1,500 HP on gasoline and 1,200 HP on E85. 

Calibration of your vehicle's ECU is requires to properly run our fuel pumps. For those who are PTG tuned, we can easily revise your calibration free of charge. For clients who are tuned by other professionals, we can supply a fuel pump calibration free of charge.

Items Included:

  • Two M177 High Pressure Fuel Pumps
  • Two M177 Fuel Pump Mounts
  • Two Fuel Pump Electrical Connector Adapters
  • Left Side High Pressure Fuel Line
  • Right Side High Pressure Fuel Line
  • Mounting Hardware

We have also developed the optional High Flow Low Pressure Fuel Line option which is a complete replacement for under-hood fuel lines. This replaces the factory fuel lines which become restrictive past 850HP, with a high flow filter integrated system.

Items Included:

  • Three BMRS Low Pressure Fuel Lines
  • Custom PTG Parallel Distribution Block with Integrated Filter
  • Distribution Block Mounting Bracket & Hardware