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We are proud to provide the biggest and best airboxes for your M177 powered AMG.

Designed utilizing 3D scan technology and produced completely in aerospace level "prepreg" carbon fiber and hard anodized billet aluminum, these satin finished carbon airboxes are a zero restriction intake system that have substantial gains on vehicles from stock to our PTG-X 1,300HP package. 

In testing, we have found the 50% larger than stock panel style filter to provide faster spool times and a more laminar air flow compared to a cone style filter. Not to mention, all electronics use OEM calibration strategies so you will not have any check engine lights when using this system.

These airboxes were designed with both form and function in mind. The 3 inch inlet design with a custom designed coupler allows this bolt-on system to work great with stock housing turbos, or our line of PTG turbos. 

Key Features:

  • 100% Light Weight "Prepreg" Carbon Fiber Construction
  • 50% Larger Panel Filter
  • Factory Turbo & PTG Turbo Compatible
  • 3" Inlet Design Allows for Increased Airflow
  • No Check Engine Lights
  • 22whp gain on Tune and Downpipe Car
  • Up to 100whp Gains on PTG-1000 Equipped Cars
  • Up to 150whp Gains on PTG-X Equipped Cars

Parts Included:

  • Left Side Upper & Lower Carbon Airbox
  • Right Side Upper & Lower Carbon Airbox
  • Left & Right Carbon Intake Ducts
  • Two Reducer Couplers
  • Two 3 Inch Inlet Hump Couplers
  • Six Clamps
  • Two High Flow Panel Filters
  • Installation Hardware & Clamps