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PTG - AMG GT Carbon Fiber Inlets

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The engineers at Premier Tuning Group have developed the best Intake solution for your C190 M178 equipped AMG GT. Our 3 inch carbon inlets are made of "Pre-Preg" carbon fiber and extremely durable and light-weight. We selected the exact carbon material that matches your existing AMG engine bay and exterior.

Using the latest technology in CFD, the team was able to quickly understand the constraints of factory system being the factory plastic inlet directly at the turbocharger. These 3 inch inlets allow you to remove the factory plastic inlets and factory turbo couplers and run a completely new setup to your original airbox.

In testing, the original airbox and panel filter size are capable of power levels exceeding 1300 horsepower. For this reason, the factory airbox and inlet are retained and just the elbow is replaced. Installation time is about 30 minutes and does not require any tuning changes.

These inlets are a perfect addition to our PTG group of Turbochargers which match the 3 inch inlet size.

Horsepower gains on a stock turbo vehicle are up to 22 wheel horsepower and 25 wheel lb. ft. torque.